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I am Robert Riemer and currently work for VMware as a Lead Systems Engineer for the VMware Cloud on AWS service.

The idea around the blog was to provide lots of (hopefully) useful content around VMware Cloud on AWS, especially around the EUC aspect as it is one of the workloads that needs a scalable and agile infrastructure layer.

Most of my career has been spent in the Infrastructure world, from a junior consultant working for a partner to a senior consultant working with all VMware Solution but focusing on EUC. Joined VMware in 2017 and worked on the Cloud Solution to that time until I transitioned to the VMware Cloud on AWS team.

I am a polished presenter and can articulate complex solutions from CxO-level to entry-level engineer. I regularly speak at events

Finally, I’m passionate about knowledge sharing and mentoring: I regularly train new hires and take the time to mentor individuals across VMware.

This is my own personal blog about the journey from virtualization to cloud computing. My goal is to help the tech community along their path to cloud. The site is owned and maintained by me. Use this site at your own discretion. I do not provide any warranty or guarantee that anything you may read on this site will work in your environment.